Rum & coke

Laurie Howells, Head Bartender at Alma Bar, London, shares a fun and innovative twist on a classic daiquiri.

Laurie, tell us the story behind your daiquiri creation.

“I’ll just have a rum & coke” was originally an entry for the Ron Santiago Casa del Daiquiri competition this year. Since the semi-finals at Diageo HQ, we have featured the cocktail on a daiquiri menu for a month-long promotion at Alma in July, and during our Havana Soul nights! Think live Cuban bands and plenty of daiquiris!

The inspiration behind rum & coke has more of a comical background. You can spend months developing cocktails and their recipes, studying the latest techniques, and then the first few orders of the night will be rum & cokes. This, of course, is completely fine. We want every guest who joins us to have the best experience and the best drink possible. So, I wanted to take the aroma profiles and flavour notes from this popular serve and develop them into a daiquiri, as it seemed like a fun challenge. Ron Santiago de Cuba Extra Anejo 11 is an aged Cuban rum, with plenty of amplified notes of green banana, caramel, cinnamon and grilled pineapple, definitely the perfect base for this daiquiri. Alongside the Caleno, a non-alcoholic spirit with a bold taste of Kola nut, then the Guava & Lime, it creates the perfect harmony with a fun, fruity take on a classic daiquiri, which really does taste like a rum & coke.


500ml Ron Santiago de Cuba Extra Anejo 11

300ml Caleno Dark & Spicy Non Alcoholic Spirit

300ml Lime & Guava Curd – recipe below

100ml Fake Lime – a blend of tartaric, citric and ascorbic acid, alongside sugar and salt


Blend the ingredients thoroughly and place in the freezer overnight.  After this, fine strain to separate the solids and clarify. After fat-washing and clarifying, add 85ml of the mix to a Boston and throw over ice – the throwing helps to aerate the aromas and not over-dilute. Fine strain into a Nick & Nora glass that has been painted with repurposed Lime & Guava Curd and finally, add a mist that contains Ron Santiago Blanca, fresh sugar cane, citrus peels and green mandarin leaf.  The grassy and tropical notes of the Blanca tie the full creation together.  

Lime & Guava Curd


4 Medium eggs

200 g Caster sugar

6 Limes – juice and zest

75ml Guava Juice

100 g Unsalted butter


Mix all but the butter over heat, then remove from heat and whisk in the butter.

*Credit to @ga_walker for images

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