Safe and sound

Get yourself the best CCTV coverage with Cricklewood Electronics Ltd.

Providing high-quality tech since 1981, Cricklewood Electronics produce some of the best, high definition CCTV cameras and systems.

Whether you are the proud owner of a new business or looking to upgrade your current equipment, Cricklewood Electronics’ CCTV systems are able to detect the most detailed images to identify any danger threatening your venue.

Thanks to bright high definition reproduction, you’ll be able to pinpoint certain minimal features such as the shade of people’s clothing and material, allowing you make an identification if and when needed. 

What’s more, all this activity can be viewed on your mobile, iPad, tablet, laptop and computer, assuring great coverage day and night and allowing you to keep an eye on your property while you’re away too.

Installing a CCTV system can reduce the chance of vandalism, burglary, arson and even identity theft. 

Cricklewood Electronics can configure a bespoke system for your business; their team of experts can work with you to give you the perfect solution to your security needs.

For more information and to speak to the team about CCTV that is right for you, please call 020 8452 0161 or visit

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