Sage adds twist to new gin with ethical ethos

One Gin

A new craft gin, made with the signature botanical of sage, has been launched with a pledge to be an ethically-driven brand.

One Gin is produced in small batches at Blackdown Distillery in West Sussex, distilled with 10 different botanicals from around the world including sage foraged from around the distillery as well as juniper.

Master distiller Sarah Thompson distils the gin in an alembic copper still and then filters it
seven times. It is bottled by hand at 43% ABV, numbered and signed by Sarah.

Priced at £38.49 for one litre, it was initially launched in World Duty Free and then to the on-trade

Drinks consultant Joseph Wood from Liquor to Lips has developed a range of cocktails designed to perfectly complement One Gin and its sage character. The perfect serve is over ice with Peter Spanton’s No 9 Cardamom Tonic, garnished with slices of crisp apple and fresh sage.

The ethos of the brand relates to the genus name of sage which is derived from the Latin word, “salvare”, meaning to save. This ties in with the vision of owner The One Brand to help the estimated 663 million people worldwide without access to clean water.

They hope to use One Gin to direct some of the profits in the gin industry to helping fund water and sanitation projects across the globe. Having raised almost £15 million for life-changing water projects, One is on target to raise £20 million by 2020, changing the lives of over five million people.

Duncan Goose, who founded the business based in Richmond, London, said: “With the UK gin
market making its biggest comeback since Hogarth’s times, it was a natural step for us to
broaden our drinks portfolio into this exciting new area, helping to drive our donation power
and make a difference to the 663 million people worldwide who don’t have access to clean

“The evolution of One Gin has been a fantastic experience. Through the help of experts in the
industry such as Sarah Thompson our award-winning master distiller, we have developed a
unique British craft gin, distilled in Sussex, but inspired by the world.”

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