Sahara – the first Moroccan spirit drink to launch in the UK

Inspired by Mahia, a traditional Moroccan fig and aniseed spirit drink, Sahara introduces a refined, contemporary blend to the UK market. Enhanced with notes of apricots, almonds, honey and cinnamon, Sahara offers a uniquely premium Moroccan experience.

After over three years of dedicated research and development, Sahara is now available in the UK. Sahara draws upon the core of Morocco’s diverse nature, capturing the essence of its people, culture and history. It’s a tribute to the resilience of generations past, who have safeguarded the secrets of Mahia, known in Arabic as the “Water of Life”—through centuries of tradition and heritage.

Though Mahia is steeped in the rich tapestry of Judeo-Moroccan culture, its recent history has seen it veer down a different path, becoming entangled with illegal and informal alcohol production in Morocco. Determined to restore its rightful place, Sahara emerges as the beacon of change—a premium Mahia with a twist that sets it apart from any other spirit drink.

Omar Oualili, Founder at Sahara explains, “As a Moroccan, it is a privilege to create a product that celebrates my heritage and this special Moroccan spirit. Though inspired by Mahia’s original recipe, we’ve adapted Sahara for the British palate by reducing the aniseed flavours and enhancing the fruit notes, all without any added sugar.”

Due to limited alcohol production capabilities in Morocco, Sahara is produced and bottled in Scotland, seamlessly blending together Scottish expertise with Moroccan taste. Sahara is meticulously produced in small batches, with organically sourced ingredients and the pristine waters of Royal Deeside Mineral Water.

Sahara officially launched on Friday 3rd May 2024, at an exclusive invite-only event with 80 guests at The Franklin – a five stars boutique hotel in Knightsbridge, London. Following the launch, Sahara is exclusively available in the UK through our website, at a retail price of £42 (alc. 40% vol). Sahara’s next phase will involve establishing a UK-wide distribution network to reach even more customers with the Spirit of Morocco.

Omar further adds, “Bringing Sahara to life as a solo founder has been challenging, but the positive feedback from our first customers has been incredibly rewarding. I am excited to continue promoting Sahara as a brand, bringing a unique drinking experience to the UK. As we say in Morocco, ‘Bessaha,’ or Cheers!”

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