Sales of bomb serves continue to grow

Jungfrau Bomb BarEnergy bomb serves are now sold in two-thirds of bars and almost half of all pubs, according to a new report from on-trade specialist CGA Strategy.

Rates of sale in the on-trade continue to rise, up nine per cent year on year. The best-seller is the Jägerbomb, served with Jägermeister liqueur and energy drink Red Bull.

However, other popular variations include Glitterbombs, using Goldschläger, and Skittlebombs, using Cointreau, both mixed with Red Bull, as well as many more variations.

The serve has also benefited herbal liqueur Jungfrau which has supported the trend with dedicated bomb bars in venues (pictured).

Consumer research by CGA confirmed that bombs are now far more than a student phenomenon and that bomb drinking is now firmly entrenched mainstream market behaviour.

It found that 82 per cent of respondents, including 91 per cent of people aged 18 to 24, had ordered a bomb on at least one night out – with a fifth of respondents, and almost a third of 18- to 24-year-olds, ordering the serve in the last week.

The CGA survey found that its sociability is its strongest appeal, with 42 per cent buying bombs for the social experience – a proportion that rises to 47 per cent of bomb drinkers aged 35 to 44.

Alex Eyre, author of the CGA Mixed Drinks report in which the bombs findings are published, said: “Energy bombs can bring consumers of all ages and backgrounds together in a diverse range of social settings, whether on big nights out, at weddings or at the office party.

“In recent years we’ve seen a shift in how people use the on-trade, from habitual visits to an occasion-driven model, where people visit pubs and bars with a specific objective in mind – and that objective usually has a social dimension.

“As a result we’re seeing a rise in popularity of serves that meet that social imperative. Shared serve cocktails are one beneficiary and bombs, which have a real social ritual attached, are another.”

The 2013 Mixed Drink report findings are based on a multifaceted research programme incorporating trade surveys of a sample of 5,000 outlets; consumer research including three individual online surveys and a targeted focus group; market data drawn from CGA’s Brand Index on trade product and category performance tracker and custom analysis on data drawn from the CGA Volume Pool, which combines regular sales data from over 70,000 licensed venues.

Consumer research findings are based on a survey staged between 17th and 24th April 2013 that secured 552 completions from a randomly selected sample derived from CGA’s own consumer panel, including 290 men and 262 women, aged between 18 and 58.

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