Save the environment with a fully compostable balloon valve from B-Loony Ltd

b-loony valve

Every latex balloon supplied by B-Loony Ltd is made from 100% natural rubber latex and is fully biodegradable. However, it has long been an issue that traditional balloon valves with polypropylene ribbon, often used for balloon handouts, are not biodegradable.

B-Loony Ltd are proud members of NABAS (The National Association of Balloon Artists and Suppliers) and follow a strict code of conduct relating to mass balloon releases to ensure a minimal impact on the environment.

As company policy, B-Loony Ltd don’t recommend mass balloon releases, advising that individual helium balloons are weighted to prevent them from being inadvertently released. But once a balloon has been passed to a customer or handed out to a member of the public as part of a promotion, it’s very easy for this message to become lost, and the balloon be released into the atmosphere.

Introducing the new biodegradable balloon valve

Our research and development team have come up with the latest product to revolutionise the balloon industry: the biodegradable balloon valve. A fully functional, easy-to-use helium balloon valve for latex balloons, made from corn starch, with a one-metre length of FSC raffia ribbon, both of which are biodegradable and compostable.

If a balloon carrying the biodegradable valve is inadvertently released, the risk to wildlife and the environment is diminished, since the FSC raffia ribbon disintegrates when wet and tears under tension, ensuring it cannot get tangled up in anything. The compostability of the corn starch material used for the valve body is verified by independent testing in order to meet the requirements of European Communities’ Directive EN 13432. One of the final tests even involves growing a bean in the corn starch pulp to ensure it is not toxic.

In the fullness of time we hope that all of our clients will switch to biodegradable balloon valves.
It is through our commitment to ethical standards and the demand of our customers that we continuously invest in research and development, and as a result, B-Loony Ltd have established many eco-friendly and biodegradable products, several of which are unique in the marketplace.

B-Loony Ltd are ISO: 9001 certified, SEDEX audited members and have recently adopted an FSC policy promoting its commitment to the responsible management of the world’s forests. All wood and paper products manufactured by B-Loony Ltd, including the raffia ribbon included in this valve are FSC certified.


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