Schweppes to launch revamped bottles and new premium mixers

Schweppes 1783 200ml range

Schweppes is to launch a new range of premium mixers, including Salty Lemon Tonic Water, alongside a new look for its core range.

Due to be launched in Britain in November, Schweppes 1783 will be a new sub-brand of naturally flavoured premium mixers, developed in consultation with bartenders and promoted for use in cocktails.

Available in 200ml bottles, they comprise Crisp Tonic Water, Light Tonic Water and Golden Ginger Ale as well as two flavoured tonics, Salty Lemon Tonic Water and Quenching Cucumber Tonic Water. The name refers to when the company was founded in Geneva to make carbonated drinks.

Schweppes is also rolling out a new bottle for its core range this October, with curves modelled on the “skittle” bottle that was created by the tonic’s inventor Jacob Schweppe in 1783 – designed to maintain the best levels of effervescence.

The brand’s familiar yellow sash will sit at the neck of the new bottle, while the front is embossed with a fountain design to signify the bubble explosion contained within the tonic.

Distributed in the UK by Coca-Cola European Partners, the core Schweppes range is available in 125ml and 200ml glass bottles for the licensed channel.

The launch of the Schweppes 1783 range, which comes in bottles with a black livery and golden Schweppes sash to differentiate it, will be supported by a programme of tasting experiences at festivals and cocktail events, PR and digital. It will feature engagement with Schweppes’ “Drinks Experts” including Tony Conigliaro of London bars 69 Colebrooke Row and Bar Termini and Ben Reed of Cocktail Credentials.

The Schweppes Classic range is being supported by a £6.6 million campaign between October and December, which includes out-of-home, TV and cinema advertising as well as sponsorship of The Jonathan Ross Show, experiential marketing and a digital campaign.

The new Schweppes skittle bottle is debuting at the Schweppes Alchemy Bar as part of London Cocktail Week this week, with pop-up bars both in The Cocktail Village in Old Spitalfields Market and in Slingsby Place in Covent Garden. Consumers can take part in a flavour experiment in a 19th-century-inspired lab room – part of the brand’s revived focus on its authentic 234-year heritage.

Simon Harrison, customer marketing director GB at Coca-Cola European Partners, said: “Schweppes is an iconic brand with a strong British heritage, and 2017 marks a new chapter in the brand’s long and impressive history. Our new signature shaped skittle bottle will provide a premium exterior to the popular liquid and effervescence bottled inside.

“Our new Schweppes 1783 range combines the perfect carbonation and balanced taste of Schweppes with natural ingredients and unique flavours. We have taken the time to seek guidance from mixologists and drinks experts to create this distinguished range of mixers that will appeal to a new age of mixer drinkers that are keen to discover new taste combinations.

“In short, the last quarter of 2017 is going to be massive for the Schweppes brand. The new look of Schweppes Classic, arrival of Schweppes 1783 and the unprecedented marketing support will continue to energise one of GB’s most loved soft drink brands in a year whereby we’re celebrating 225 years since Jacob Schweppes first came to London with his bottled bubbles.

“We’re confident the new campaign will encourage trial of the new 1783 range and drive sales and category growth for our customers.”

Working with bartenders, Coca-Cola European Partners will be promoting signature serves for the new 1783 range.

25ml Campari
25ml Sweet vermouth
100ml Schweppes 1783 Salty Lemon Tonic Water
Build in a rocks glass filled with cubed ice. Top with tonic and stir to mix. Garnish with an orange slice.

Cucumber Spritz
75ml White wine such as Sauvignon Blanc
10ml Elderflower cordial
100ml Schweppes 1783 Quenching Cucumber Tonic Water
Build in a highball glass filled with cubed ice. Top with tonic and stir to mix. Garnish with a mint sprig and cucumber zest rolled into a wheel.

Ginger Snap
50ml Fino sherry
100ml Schweppes 1783 Golden Ginger Ale
Build in a highball glass filled with cubed ice. Top with tonic and stir to mix. Garnish with a lemon spiral.

Schweppes Classic Line up

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