Scotch barrel-aged tequilas hit the UK

Storywood Tequila

Storywood, a new range of tequilas aged in scotch whisky casks, has launched to the UK market with distributor Halewood International.

The core range is made up of two expressions: Speyside Anejo and Speyside Reposado. Bottled at 40% ABV, Storywood Tequilas encourages drinkers to “live free and sip slow”, an ethos represented in the spirits’ slow maturing process.

The agave used to create Storywood is harvested and distilled in Jalisco, Mexico. The agave plants are grown slowly – between eight and 12 years – giving them time to develop and mature before they are pulled from the ground. Following this, the spirits are aged in scotch whisky casks sourced from the Speyside region of Scotland.

Speyside Anejo is aged for 14 months in Scottish Speyside whisky barrels, offering “notes of toasted oak, roasted nuts and treacle toffee”, while the second variant, Speyside Reposado, is aged for seven months in Speyside whisky barrels, and boasts “notes of caramel, oak, vanilla and honey on an earthy agave base”.

Storywood Tequila founder Michael Ballantyne said: “Here at Storywood, we really are about writing our own rulebook, creating unique barrel-aged liquids and pushing on what we love best – innovation.

“Born in Mexico but aged by Scotland, our mission is to make tequila more accessible to a wider audience encouraging brown spirit drinkers to step outside their comfort zone.

“We want to encourage our Storywood tribe to live free but sip slow, taking the time to sip and savour as you would with any fine barrel aged liquid. Welcome to a new era of tequila.”

Storywood Tequila will be available to purchase from September 2019.

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