Scotland’s first gin distilled with tea

Scotland’s first premium gin, distilled with hand-picked tea and inspired by Aberdeenshire’s rich history and links to the tea trade, is now available to buy.

The Teasmith Gin has been created by husband and wife team Nick and Emma Smalley from Udny Green in Aberdeenshire, who have spent over a year learning the art of distilling to perfect their blend.

The artisan gin is now being distilled in Perthshire’s Strathearn distillery with a limited first batch of 560 bottles now on sale in time for Christmas. More bottles will be produced early next year as Nick and Emma aim to expand across the UK as well as internationally.

Having witnessed a renaissance of their favourite spirit, the couple wanted to create a premium gin that used botanicals associated with Aberdeenshire and discovered the nearby Newburgh estuary was once a thriving trading port, with tea being one of its biggest imports.

The black loose leaf Ceylon tea is distilled by itself to capture its unique flavour and is blended with a classic gin recipe featuring juniper, coriander, citrus peels and other carefully selected botanicals which have been double-distilled in traditional copper alembic stills.

The Smalleys believe this carefully curated blend produces a truly unique gin, characterised by its clarity, simplicity and confidence.

“It was the first time the distillery had used tea as a botanical so it was a real step into the unknown,” explains Emma. “The result is in the taste – a sweetness like that of a high-quality tea, with a subtle essence of mint.

“However, the gin doesn’t actually taste like tea – the tea leaves give a unique taste that is light on the palate with a distinct, crisp freshness, one of a kind really. So anyone who doesn’t like tea shouldn’t be put off!”

Nick and Emma have also been working with a local, internationally acclaimed design studio, FortyTwo Studio, to create a bottle design they hope will stand out from the crowd, on shelf and at home. Visit to find out more.

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