Search for ‘black ink’ cocktails for sea fort pop-up

kraken sea fortA cocktail is being sought for The Kraken Black Spiced Rum that is worthy of serving in one of the most unusual pop-up bars ever – on a sea fort nine miles off the coast of Kent.

The Think Ink competition, which takes place on Tuesday (October 8) in London, is calling on bartenders to come up with a cocktail that is “As Dark As A Kraken’s Ink”.

It will be for serving in The Kraken Rum Black Ink Society bar on the historic Red Sands sea forts (pictured) from World War II which are due to open their doors to the public for the first time.

Bartenders are invited to interpret the “dark” brief either literally or metaphorically. The only rule is that The Kraken Rum must be the primary ingredient, with at least 35ml of the spiced rum included.

The prize is a chance to visit the historic sea forts and serve the winning cocktail to press and VIPs. The winner is also promised “a coveted prizes given to only the most fearsome of Kraken hunters”.

The competition will take place on Tuesday at Happiness Forgets in Hoxton Square. Anyone interested in taking part should email

The pop-up on the forts will include The Kraken Rum Edible Autopsy which will see invited guests feasting on the remains of the corpse of a “Kraken” – a giant squid.

A film of the autopsy and remains of the corpse will be displayed at an event supported by The Kraken Rum called Feed The Beast: a rum-based “extreme cake pop-up” with the infamous Eat Your Heart Out food artists’ network. Miss Cakehead, a curator of incredible food and drink installations with a predominantly macabre feel, is curating all activity.

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