Serious Pig extends premium range with new cheesy snack


Serious Pig is continuing its venture into the non-meat snack market by launching an oven baked Italian cheese called Crunchy Snacking Cheese.

The new snack joins Serious Pig’s pork-based bar snacks and oven-baked nuts with the aim to complement the ever-growing craft beer sector.

To make Crunchy Snacking Cheese, a whole 40kg virgin wheel of Italian Quattrocento hard cheese is grated into small moulds and oven baked using a specially developed oven until evenly crisp.

Produced without preservatives and using microbial rennet means the snack is suitable for vegetarians while also being gluten and lactose-free.

Founder George Rice said: “This snack is another level altogether! Made totally from 100% cheese, and not just any cheese, but mature Italian hard cheese that’s packed full of flavour and depth and oven baked for a seriously big crunch.

“During the sampling period we’ve had astonishing reactions, people demanding to know when they’ll be able to buy it!”

Last year, Serious Pig introduced a new Snackingham flavour combination inspired by craft gin.


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