Sheppy’s marks 200 years with new celebratory cider

Sheppy's Old Conky cider

Somerset craft cider maker Sheppy’s is marking its 200th birthday with a new cider with an extra “celebratory sparkle”.

The new bicentennial Old Conky Cider is a medium-sweet cider made using traditional cider apple varieties with a touch of effervescence. At 5% ABV, Old Conky is available in 500ml bottles, 10-litre bag in box and 50-litre kegs.

Its name is inspired by two centuries of history, using the nose-inspired nickname of the 19th-century prime minister and general, the first Duke of Wellington, whose title is taken from a Somerset town close to where Sheppy’s is made.

Old Conky will be unveiled at craft beer and cider show CBR alongside other Sheppy’s ciders in the Old Truman Brewery in east London on February 26 and 27. It will be on stand 12 and sponsor of the Lost in Cyder Space room.

A number of events are planned throughout the year to celebrate the bicentenary, including another new cider this summer.

David Sheppy, managing director and head cider maker at Sheppy’s, said: “This year is a very special year for Sheppy’s. And what better way to celebrate our bicentenary than by doing what we do best – producing a premium-quality craft cider that honours six generations of cider making.

“We have thought very carefully about the name for our bicentenary cider and felt that Old Conky was a fitting tribute to that heritage – and one that we hope will live on for another 200 years.”

The company dates back to 1816 with John Shepson, who later became known as Sheppy, at Iwood Farm in Somerset. His great-grandson Stanley Sheppy developed the cider as a brand and it is David Sheppy – John Sheppy’s great-great-great-grandson and Stanley’s grandson – who now owns the business with his wife Louisa.

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