Shepton Mallet adds bag-in-box ciders and sharing ‘hogs’

Shepton Mallet Cider Mill Bag in Box

The Shepton Mallet Cider Mill has expanded its specialist cider range with three new bag-in-box ciders: Somerset Snuffler, Natch Special, and Somerset Tree Shaker.

A first for the cider mill, the introduction of the bag-in-box range aims to meet a growing demand for specialist ciders from the on-trade.

Conveniently packaged and easily dispensed, the bag-in-box format helps licensees offer a greater choice of draught ciders without compromising on space or quality.

The format has been developed to include both robust fit-for-purpose packaging and a range of supporting materials to boost presence and rate of sale. Packaged in 20 litres, they are exclusive to the on-trade.

Somerset Snuffler, at 4.8% ABV, is a medium dry cider, bright and golden with a fruity character. Natch Special, at 6% ABV, is a still dry cider made using West Country bittersweet apples renowned for their high tannins giving a crisp dry taste.

Somerset Tree Shaker, at 7% ABV, is made using the finest apples to give a deep, intense, cidery and fragrant fruity nose.

While best served chilled, the flavour profiles of all three West Country still ciders were carefully selected to taste great whether served at ambient or straight from the fridge.

Richard Glover, marketing manager at The Shepton Mallet Cider Mill, said: “The boom in speciality ciders has been a huge driving force behind the sector over the past 12 months and offers retailers a great incremental volume and margin opportunity.

“Our new bag-in-box specialist ciders enable customers to stock a broad range of quality craft ciders conveniently, either as part of a cider festival or forming an ongoing feature for retailers.”

Bespoke stands, branded tankards, chalkboards, drip mats and tent cards, will be available to licensees who buy the products.

Specialist and craft ciders increased volume by 18% and value by 28% last year, according to figures from CGA Strategy for the year to April 2014.

The Shepton Mallet Cider Mill has also launched the Shepton Cider Hog (pictured below) as a new way to serve cider for sharing at the table, best suited for Somerset Snuffler.

Richard said: “We wanted to bring a sense of theatre and fun to the consumer and we feel that we’ve really delivered on this. Our new Cider Hog offers considerable benefits for the on-trade and significantly raises the bar in extending more convenience and choice to consumers in how they can drink still cider.

“Somerset Snuffler was carefully selected for the Cider Hog. Best served chilled, the Hog has an ice-cold pad stored within the unit to ensure that the cider is served and remains cold at table. Because of this versatility the Hog can be used indoors or out and is also an innovative way of increasing the speed of service.”

The Hog, which is exclusively available through the Shepton Mallet Cider Mill, holds a three-litre bag giving the drinker just over five pints of chilled Somerset Snuffler still cider to share.

Impactful supporting materials have been developed to boost presence and rate of sale, including branded tankards, chalkboards, drip mats and tent cards.
The Shepton Cider Hog Shepton Mallet Cider Mill
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