Sicilian blood orange liqueur comes to UK

solernoSolerno, the blood orange liqueur from Sicily, is now available in the UK through drinks specialist Mangrove.

It was created by master distiller Lesley Gracie, the creator of Hendrick’s Gin, and can be used in cocktails or in Italian-style aperitifs.

Using a blend of three small-batch distillations in traditional stills, Solerno is made from the fresh essential oils from the skins of Sicilian blood oranges which are blended with the distillates of orange and lemons and a neutral spirit base, then lightly sweetened with natural sugar. The fruits are processed within 24 hours to maintain the fresh, ethereal nature of the oil.

It has notes of orange blossom, candied orange peels and ripe raspberries which burst open with sweetness first, then burn off to a well-balanced dry finish with lingering warmth.

Lesley said: “Blood oranges are one of nature’s most intense fruits. To ensure we capture the unique taste, we only hand-pick the oranges at the height of the season, and carefully distillate the fruit. The result is an exceptional liqueur with a refreshingly rich taste.”

Solerno is bottled at the source in a Murano-inspired glass bottle which flushes a deep red like the skin of a blood orange. The bottom features a punt, a concaved glass depression, which evokes the idea of a juice strainer.

Ideas for serves include a Solerno Spritz, mixing the liqueur with Aperol and club soda, and a Solerno Bellini, twisting the classic by combining the liqueur with blood orange puree and topping up with prosecco.

The Solerno Smash is a mix of Solerno, Hendrick’s Gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice, Angostura Bitters and mint leaves.

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