Sipsmith releases sipping vodka alongside bottle redesign


Sipsmith has launched a new vodka that has been made with enough smoothness and character that it is intended for sipping.

Sipsmith’s Sipping Vodka is made from English wheat and uses only the very heart of the spirit from the company’s copper pot still, Prudence. Unlike many other vodkas, it is unfiltered for extra flavour.

Available in 70cl bottles, it is intended for sipping on its own over ice or in a cocktail such as a Vesper Martini.

Sipsmith co-founder Fairfax Hall said: “Our new Sipping Vodka is sippability personified. Our mission since day one has been to bring the art and craft of traditional distillation back to London, with a commitment to handcrafting award-winning spirits of uncompromising quality. Our new Sipping Vodka does just that.”

The launch coincides with the introduction of new packaging created to reflect the philosophy and ethos behind Sipsmith of “hand-crafted spirits of uncompromising quality”.

Co-founder Sam Galsworthy said: “Our beautiful new bottle celebrates everything we stand for at Sipsmith. It draws inspiration from the old embossed gin bottles from the original great London houses, but brings a contemporary and Sipsmithian edge to it.

“We hope that it encapsulates the idea of the old meeting the new and the two hitting it off really quite spectacularly.”

Talking of the new Sipping Vodka, Sipsmith master distiller Jared Brown said: “This truly is a masterpiece, our best vodka yet and something we’re incredibly proud of.

“The English wheat base – combined with our hand-crafted distilling – really is perfection, delivering a rounded, warming brightness on the palette and a deliciously delicate finish.”

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