Sipsmith Unveils Exclusive Release from Inaugural Sipsmith Bar of Smithery Cygnus Cocktail Competition

Sipsmith, the pioneers of the craft gin renaissance, have proudly announced the exclusive launch of Dear Low-Dykes Gin, a new gin created in collaboration with the winner of their first-ever Bar of Smithery Cygnus Cocktail Competition.

This delightfully sippable gin was crafted by the talented Sipsmith distillers in partnership with Sam Wilkes-Green, bartender at Present Company in Liverpool, who emerged as the winner from among six finalists in the inaugural Sipsmith Bar of Smithery, Cygnus Cocktail Competition. This release, a tribute to his winning cocktail “Dear Low-Dykes,” is an ode to his family home, Low Dykes Barn in Cumbria. The botanicals used in this gin were inspired by the ingredients and flavours reminiscent of Sam’s upbringing, creating a truly nostalgic and unique flavour profile, as a love letter to his childhood home.

Sipsmith’s first-ever Cygnus Cocktail Competition invited bartenders from around the UK to craft the ultimate Sipsmith cocktail, encouraging participants to submit their most imaginative gin cocktail recipes reflecting distinct flavours and botanical preferences.  Designed to deepen Sipsmith’s commitment to the future of the bartending industry, the prize was to collaborate with them in the creation of an exclusive one-of-a-kind Sipsmith gin.

Drawing directly from his winning cocktail, Sam and the Sipsmith distillers meticulously incorporated key elements such as bay leaf, bee pollen, black, green, and pink peppercorns, as well as grapefruit and lemon peel; which come together harmoniously to create a truly limited-edition gin.

The new release offers a nose of warming spiciness complemented by bright citrus notes, leading into a palate of juniper, pepper spice, and herbaceous bay, with a finish of lingering sweetness and warmth.

Joe Hornig, Distillery & Liquid Innovations Manager at Sipsmith commented on the winning creation: “Sam shared our vision for going to extraordinary lengths to distil gin of uncompromising quality. It was an honour to be able to collaborate with him on this extraordinary liquid, as he had a clear vision of what he wanted the final product to be. We managed to trial and share feedback on several different versions before landing on our ideal formula. It was important to us that the gin holds its own when used in a cocktail, which helped guide us during the development stage. I think we’ve managed to capture the essence of Sam’s winning cocktail and sense of place within the gin.”

Only 260 bottles of Dear Low-Dykes Gin will be available to buy via the Sipsmith website, Gerry’s Wines and Spirits of Soho and Speciality Wholesale.

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