Sloemotion Distillery rolls out Finders Spirits range

Finders Spirits

Yorkshire-based Sloemotion Distillery has unveiled its new seven-strong Finders Spirits range, featuring gins, vodkas and rums.

The collection, which taps into consumers’ “spirit of adventure”, has been created using “bold, intriguing flavours” from around the world.

Fruits of the Forest Gin contains 19 botanicals, including orange peel, mint and ginger, to bring out the sweetness in the natural blueberry, raspberry and black cherry favours. It sits beside a Lemon & Lime Gin and a classic London Dry Gin.

The range also includes a traditional Vodka, a Sherbet Lemon Vodka, which is grain distilled with natural lemon flavours, and two oak aged spiced rums – Chocolate & Coffee Rum, which also includes botanicals like orange peel and liquorice, and a “warm and fruity” Orange and Raisin Rum.

The spirits have all been designed to be “fun and vibrant”, and can be enjoyed with a simple mixer or in a cocktail. The gins and vodkas all have no added sugar.

Finders Spirits are distilled using a low-energy iStill, which is said to use at least three times less energy than a traditional copper still.

Ian Mansell, Finders Spirits head distiller, said: “If you’re looking for adventure then you’ve come to the right place.

“The Finders Spirits range is a riot of intriguing and joyful flavours which all use natural ingredients and carefully selected botanicals that have been carefully and lovingly distilled.

“Whether you’re obsessed with gin, intrigued by vodka or can’t get enough of rum, there’s something for everyone – all made into a collection of meticulously designed drinks which will help you find your spirit of adventure.”

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