Slovakian vodka brand brings cranberry flavour to UK

goral cranberry

The producers of premium Slovakian vodka Goral Vodka Master have launched a new cranberry-flavoured expression in the UK.

Karla & Co Spirits is building on the success of the brand, launched in the UK last year, by introducing Goral Vodka Master Cranberry which combines the purity and smoothness of the vodka with a fresh taste of cranberries that is not overly sweet.

Bottled at 40% ABV, it is recommended for serving neat with ice and a slice of lime or in twists on classic cocktails such as a Mojito Cranberry and a Cranberry Collins.

Goral Vodka Master is produced in GAS Familia Distillery in the heart of the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia and uses water from the Tatra springs. In its home market, it also has lime and grapefruit flavours in its range.

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