Slug and Lettuce bars tempt saints and sinners

slug lettuce saints sinners

A new food and drink menu has been introduced at Slug and Lettuce bars that invites customers to decide if they want to be saints or sinners in January.

The “Saints or Sinners” range features three indulgent dishes and cocktails alongside three lower-calorie alternative dishes and non-alcoholic cocktails, targeting people trying to be more healthy in the new year.

On the “Saints” list, the dishes are all under 500 calories. They are smoky Spanish chicken with quinoa and couscous (473 calories), mushroom and asparagus risotto (496 calories) and salmon and pepper skewers, chargrilled and served on a bed of salad (368 calories).

Customers can treat themselves to a non-alcoholic cocktail – a Passion Fruit Mojito, a Strawberry Daiquiri or a Strapple smoothie (strawberries and apples).

The alternative list for “sinners” features sticky tabasco-coated chicken wings with dips, a pork or beef hotdog topped with barbecue pulled pork and smoked mozzarella, and chicken parmigiana – chicken breaded escalope topped with Wiltshire ham, rich tomato sauce and melted cheese, served on chips.

These can be accompanied by two of Slug and Lettuce bars’ classic cocktails and a strawberry and vanilla milkshake.

Nicola Stuart, brand development manager at Slug and Lettuce at Stonegate Pub Company, said: “We find that so often in January customers still want to venture out and have a social life but don’t want to over-indulge or break their New Year resolutions.

“So we have created this menu to offer choice for our customers whatever menu they decide, making it light-hearted and fun.”

Introduced across all 74 Slug and Lettuce bars, the dishes are available from £5.95 with drinks from £3.75.

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