Small Beer Brew Co grows low-ABV beer portfolio

Small Beer Session Pale

Bermondsey-based brewery Small Beer Brew Co has added a 2.5% ABV Session Pale to its family of low-alcohol beers.

Created to be enjoyed over the summer months, the brew features “bright citrus aromas, tropical zesty notes and a juicy taste”.

With a “sociable” ABV, Session Pale has been developed to provide the enjoyment associated with drinking alcohol “without slowing you down”.

In brewing beers that have a low ABV of 0.5% – 2.8%, Small Beer Brew Co is reviving a tradition lost in the 19th century. From 1600-1800’s, when clean drinking water was scarce and consumption could be fatal, small beer replaced water as the safer alternative.

Session Pale joins Lager (2.1% ABV), Dark Lager (1% ABV) and Steam (2.7% ABV) in the Small Beer Co portfolio.

All beers are vegan, lactose free and sustainably brewed. Amongst a host of initiatives including using renewable energy and recycled packaging, Small Beer Brew Co champions a ‘dry floor’ policy at the brewery. This refers to the reduced amount of water used in the brewing process – from the industry standard of 8-10 pints, cut down to just 1.5 per pint of beer brewed.

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