Smile Music Bingo

The new business tool that combines beer and bingo.

The Pub industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Although business is now starting to get back on track, the same challenges still exist as before. Venues have slow nights during the week, facing challenges when trying to get new customers in and attempting to stand out from the competition.

Smile Music Bingo is a perfect music entertainment software that is designed especially for pubs and bars. The game is simple: unlike traditional bingo, the numbers are replaced with artists and songs. The software is super easy to use, and you can arrange great events even without an expensive professional host.

The automated software allows you to run events easily with your own pub staff. All you need is a computer, a sound system, and screens if available. You can check bingos automatically with a code and show the right songs or hints on your screens so that no one falls off the game.

Smile Music Bingo offers new fresh music from the latest hits each week so your customers will never get bored. If your customer base is not fond of current music, you can create your own rounds and select from a wide variety of different genres and songs. Customers will be able to play the game with their own mobile phones. To increase sales even further, you can show your own product offers in the breaks. Usually, one night of music bingo has four rounds and lasts about two hours.

Smile Music Bingo gives your customers another reason to choose your venue, so it is a good way to stand out from your competition. To ensure that your pub will get the best value from the service – it’s only offered to a limited number of venues in one area.

To encourage customers to your music bingo events, we provide you with an extensive promotion and advertising package, including social media adverts and printable posters. Smile Music Bingo is designed to be run as a weekly event. The customer base usually builds up in a few months and we’ve had venues running them with over 100 players per night! For one event that usually lasts for two hours, the average purchase is between 15-25 pounds per customer. 

Running an event with a professional DJ or a host can be expensive. But with Smile Music Bingo you can run the events with your own staff and save money! The software has an automated host option, and it checks the bingos in a few seconds with a code – so running the event is easy and fun!

Smile Music Bingo has now been used in Ireland, UK, and Australia. This is a perfect entertainment service that fits almost any event or venue. We will continue to update our song lists and improving the software in the future too. Our main goal is simple, make people smile and create good customer experiences around the world!

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