Smoked Pumpkin Spice

Summer has drawn to a close (did we even have one?!), the leaves are turning brown, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting darker, what does that mean? It’s soon to be Halloween! To get in the spirit of things we’ve teamed up with one of UK’s leading mixologists Harp Mann aka Mix.Mann as he creates a spooky themed cocktail in time for fright night.

Harp is a UK based drinks enthusiast and self-taught mixologist with a day job in the IT Industry, the drinks hobby has turned into a passion (some say obsession!) to research spirits, drinks history, flavours and techniques. He also loves to find out the backstory of a product or brand, understand their inspiration, and create a unique drink that tells their story in his daily posts.

Harp grew up with a large home bar from an early age, surrounded by cognacs, whiskies, fine wines and exotic liqueurs! Over the years he was always called on to create guests a drink leading to an interest in the art of mixing and trying new spirits. Fast forward to early 2018 when his kids suggested posting his creations on Instagram, the name Mix.Mann started as a joke which became quite catchy, and the rest is history as he’s now grown a significant global following.

Harp has gone on to provide mixology consultancy for many bars and brands including recipe/menu development, training, content, photography and more. He has organised numerous masterclasses, drinks discussions, become an ambassador for large consumer drinks events and is now an industry mentor.

“The mission to inspire others to get shaking remains my primary goal, and hopefully this cocktail will get you quaking in your boots.”

About the cocktail

The name is a play on Pumpkin Pie and Spice, Harp is a bit of Pun-king! “With pumpkins being all the rage right now it just had to be, last year I made pumpkin seed orgeat, but I kept it a bit simpler by using Monin’s Spiced Pumpkin Syrup, much quicker, and its rich flavour plays nicely with the Bourbon notes.” Added Harp.

“I’ve added in one of my favourite Espadin Mezcals from Koch El with flavours of tropical fruit, grassy herbaceous notes and subtle spoked pepper note on the finish. To amp up those notes I pre-smoked the glass by firing up some rosemary. The Mezcal also has a hint of grapefruit so that was the citrus I chose to play to those tones, if you find the final drink a touch sweet to your liking, add a little lime juice. I added an Amaro for extra spices plus a touch more citrus note that helped bind the flavours, rounded off with extra spice from black pepper cardamom bitters brings out the bourbon spices too.”

“For extra bite there’s two devilish drops of Habanero Tincture, made by steeping 4 dried Habanero peppers (chopped and deseeded) in 250ml Blanco Tequila for at least 4 days (more if you take it!) before straining into a dropper bottle, handle with caution as it’s super strong and scary if it gets to places it shouldn’t.”

Harp recommends adding a lightly charred rosemary sprig as garnish to add extra smoky sensations as you sip. A mutilated grapefruit butchered into looking like a pumpkin top off the decorations for a delicious drink perfect for a spooky Halloween!


45ml Four Roses Bourbon

15ml Koch El Maguey Espadin Mezcal

15ml Amaro Montenegro

20ml Monin Pumpkin Spice Syrup

20ml Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

1 Dash #MsBettersBitters Black Pepper Cardamom Bitters

2 drops Homemade Habanero Tincture

Garnish: Charred Rosemary Sprig & Grapefruit Pumpkin

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