Snow Leopard Vodka campaign focuses on foraging

snow leopard vodka

A campaign has been launched for Snow Leopard vodka encouraging bartenders to use foraged ingredients in cocktails.

The Forage Your Own (FYO) activity is inspired by the Himalayan home of the endangered snow leopard where there are exotic herbs, flowers and spices suitable for using in drinks.

Throughout October, bars, pubs and restaurants will run sampling events and offer consumers a chance to experiment with rare foraged ingredients to create their own personalised serve.

Bespoke serves have been created by Amanda Humphrey from Mixxit, the training and drinks development arm of distributor Maxxium UK, using foraged ingredients such as chrysanthemum and Himalayan lavender.

It will lead up to World Snow Leopard Day on October 23, when the Polish vodka brand will run events around the world including the UK as part of its ongoing campaign to raise funds for the Snow Leopard Trust which is fighting to save the animal.

If people donate £3 to the Snow Leopard Trust, they will be given the chance to win a bespoke Snow Leopard Vodka Himalayan FYO Cocktail Kit including Snow Leopard Vodka, herbs and spices such as lavender, chrysanthemum and mint from the Himalayas, two highball glasses and a branded cocktail shaker. They need to text the word “snow” accompanied by the answer to the question, “What rare grain is Snow Leopard Vodka made from?” to shortcode 86222.

Global brand manager Sarah Knowles said: “At Snow Leopard Vodka, we are committed to reaching our fundraising goal of $1,000,000 to work towards removing the snow leopard from the endangered animal list.

“We hope that drinkers will enjoy creating their own serves and experimenting with the foraged ingredients during the FYO campaign and support us in our efforts to save the snow leopard.”

Snow Leopard Vodka is made from spelt grain and distilled six times for a creamy taste and silky finish.

Chrysanthemum Fizz by Amanda Humphrey
50ml Snow Leopard Vodka
6 Mint leaves
4 slices Lemon
12.5ml Chrysanthemum and lavender syrup
Top with sparkling wine
Build like a Mojito in a highball glass. Muddle lemon and syrup with mint. Add the remaining ingredients with crushed ice and swizzle. Garnish with a sprig of mint and chrysanthemum.

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