Soundjack: the app that brings background music to the foreground


Soundnet has designed an award-winning background music app called soundjack, which has brought background music in venues to the forefront of customers’ minds. They simply download the soundjack app onto their phones and they can then select and play songs from within a preselected library of music for that site.

This can be either for a fee or complimentary dependent upon the location’s preferred choice. This can create a whole new revenue stream for sites where music was previously only ever a cost.

Soundjack has been installed in a wide range of venues – from restaurants to hotels, bars and retail outlets. Over 8,000 users have downloaded the app – and the service can be used in over 700 venues already.

“The key to the success of soundjack lies in getting the music right,” says Soundnet’s James Luck. “It is essential to know the demographic of the clientele within the site at different times of the day to ensure the right kind of atmosphere for that group. The technology helps to interact with those clients and maintain the right ‘vibe’ at all times.”


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