Sparkling tea arrives in UK ideal for modern bars and cocktails

Green Lady sparkling tea

A sparkling tea has arrived in the UK and it might just be about to change the bar industry

Are you on the look-out for the next top beverage for your bar? We might just have stumbled across the answer…

The myriad of challenges facing the average bar manager are just stacking up. Just how do you match up consumer demands for a premium experience, healthier options and still maintain quick service times? It’s a tough one.

With consumers demanding a range of soft drinks when they go out beyond cola, orange juice or water, you must have the range available to cater to their needs. It is commercially savvy too: the yield on soft drinks often far exceeds that on alcohol.

With bars waking up to this demand, luxury mocktails are sweeping menus across the UK providing a tasty and healthier offering. The complex and time-consuming recipes, however, lead once again to fewer people being served and yield suffering.

A new drink to hit the UK market, Green Lady No 1, a sparkling tea, might just have the answer to these challenges in one elegant solution. Served in inviting green bottles and flavoured with Darjeeling tea, carob and nutmeg, it is a true delight.

It is a premium drink served in a sleek bottle, genuinely tasty and with nowhere near the sugar content of traditional soft drinks. It serves as a fantastic healthy alternative.

It is also hugely versatile available to consume as a stand-alone drink or as a mixer in a cocktail or mocktail. Its utility as a mixer is of note with it easily able to be mixed with gin to create an alternative, taste and easy-to-serve mix.

Francis Oyewole, founder at Green Lady No 1, believes that sparkling tea is best enjoyed in style. “When you drink a Green Lady, you’re not drinking it in a can or a shoddy tumbler glass, you’re drinking it in a wine glass. Healthy drinking with style.”

Green Lady captures exactly the direction and dynamic that so many modern bars are trying to achieve: simple but sophisticated design, great taste, healthy and quick to serve. We’ll drink to that!

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