Spirit of Yorkshire launches third Maturing Malt

Spirit of Yorkshire DP003

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery has revealed a new limited edition ‘maturing malt’ ahead of the bottling of its premium single malt whisky next year.

Distillery Projects 003 is the third of a series of four collectible spirits that offer a glimpse into the distillery’s maturing casks.

Bottled at 46% ABV, the spirit is described as “soft, creamy and sweet”, with notes of milk chocolate, stoned fruits, banana split, pink wafer biscuits and orange zest.

Spirit of Yorkshire whisky director Joe Clark said: “Distillery Projects 003 marks the third instalment in our distillery project series that form a set of limited release bottlings and offer a unique and unrepeatable glimpse into our maturing casks.

“Like our first and second bottlings, careful and considered cask selection is at the heart of the release with a combination of only five casks being gently married together to create a beautifully balanced flavour profile.

“Originally, I wanted to focus on our bourbon cask matured spirit for DP003, but after discovering an incredible PX sherry cask filled in November 2016, the release moved in a different direction. It was just too good not to involve in this expression and, when balanced out against both our bourbon and red wine matured spirit, the results were stunning.

“Overall, 003 comes in richer and fuller than 002, but less spicy and wood driven than 001. A great balance between the two, soft and easy-going but with plenty of character, depth and complexity.”

Launched at the distillery’s first Open Day on 11 August, Distillery Projects 003 is limited to 2000 individually numbered 70cl bottles.

The release is priced at £39.95 and can be ordered through the Spirit of Yorkshire website or from the distillery shop.

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