Spirit of Yorkshire rolls out second Filey Bay whisky

Filey Bay Second Release

Yorkshire distillery Spirit of Yorkshire has unveiled the second release for its single malt whisky brand Filey Bay.

Filey Bay Second Release has been created by marrying a selection of bourbon casks together with one sherry cask. The result is a “light and fruity spirit with flavours of citrus, vanilla ice cream, caramel, biscuit and honey”.

Spirit of Yorkshire’s whisky director Joe Clark said: “It was great to spend the time in the warehouse and discover how well our spirit is maturing.

“It means that we’ve been able to launch our Second Release a little earlier than planned, which was fortunate as our First Release has sold quicker than expected.

“Filey Bay Second Release is a true evolution of our First Release. The ‘inputs’ are very similar, leading to a house style that is light and fruity. This is something that we’ve worked hard and purposefully to create.

“The difference comes from that extra maturation time. There’s a little more depth to this Second Release, and for me, that not only makes it a delicious whisky, but it’s also an incredibly exciting indicator as to what’s to come in the warehouse.”

Spirit of Yorkshire co-founder and director David Thompson added: “Working closely with the late Dr Jim Swan, we have always aimed to create a flagship whisky that is light and fruity, the definition of our house style that can be enjoyed around the world.

“Our First Release and Second Release bottlings are the steps to our flagship, as new casks mature, and the character of our spirit emerges.”

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