Spritzing joy

Sandra Brunet, Marketing Director at Campari Group UK, talks about most consumers’ favourite summer tipple: the one and only, Aperol Spritz.

Sunshine and cocktails are a match made in heaven – and this summer will be no different. In addition to the spontaneous, unplanned bar terrace moments, there is a huge opportunity for bartenders to boost sales of cocktails this summer around key milestone events, such as the one-off Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday. With cocktails continuing to grow in popularity, as 43% of consumers drink cocktails at least once a week, the On Trade should look to offer a range of mixed drinks that are light, refreshing and sharable to accompany both unprompted and planned On-Trade visits.

The Aperol Spritz

The refreshing, iconic Italian bittersweet Aperitivo has become a staple of British summertime. Cocktail drinkers visit the On-Trade 25% more than non-cocktail drinkers, with 55% choosing refreshing serves when it’s hotter weather, and with three quarters of consumers now choosing to drink a spritz in the On Trade, there is a clear opportunity for bars serving Aperol Spritz this summer.

Super simple, eye-catching, and fast becoming an established summer favourite, the Aperol Spritz is a simple combination of three parts Aperol, two parts Prosecco, and one part soda water. Served in a large wine glass over ice, and garnished with a slice of orange, the serve is globally renowned, holding the coveted status as the best-selling branded Spritz in the UK and the fastest growing cocktail last summer!

Adding this classic to the menu is a must for bars looking to boost seasonal sales and provide customers with the perfect summer atmosphere. In a recent poll, more than two thirds of consumers stated that if Aperol Spritz isn’t on the menu they would trade down, clearly highlighting the value potential of stocking Aperol. In addition to creating the opportunity to encourage customers to trade up from Prosecco to Aperol, venues stocking Aperol have seen their spirits rate of sale grow +17% vs non-stockists.

The Aperol Spritz also sits at the heart of the growing Aperitivo moment, thanks to its social shareability and unique bittersweet taste. Why not try offering authentic Italian snacks alongside iconic serves such as the Aperol Spritz, as a great way to increase customer spend and bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your venue this summer? Deli meats, cheeses and olives are the perfect accompaniment for spritz serves, ideal for customers looking to make the most of longer spring and summer evenings, ‘alfresco-style’ on bar terraces across the UK – especially as early evening between 5-8pm is the number one occasion for cocktails.

Campari Group UK has an ambitious set of plans to further drive awareness of the Spritz in 2022, via a series of video on demand and social media ad campaigns, Piazza di Aperol Terrace activations and encouraging trial at key festivals this summer.

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