Square Root enhances craft soda range with no-ABV gin & tonic

Square Root no ABV G&T

Hackney-based craft soda brand Square Root moves into the no-ABV spirits category with the launch of an alcohol-free gin & tonic RTD.

By introducing the new G&T variant, which has been twelve months in development, the company
strives to provide consumers with a ‘robust’ and ‘grown-up’ alternative to non-alcoholic drinks.

Using perfume distilling methods, the ‘gin’ element of the drink incorporates botanicals such as juniper, cubeb pepper, cardamom, liquorice, angelica, coriander and Persian dried lime.

The pure ‘gin’ distillate is extracted and blended with the Square Root Soda house Tonic Water, which contains British beet sugar, fresh Sicilian lemon juice, lemon rind and natural quinine.

According to the team, an added benefit of producing the gin in this way is that it brings out the flavours naturally, thus reducing the need to add additional sugar.

Like all other Square Root Soda products, the Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonics are made using fresh ingredients and contain no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners or additives, and the whole production process, including packaging, is controlled in house.

The Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonics are the latest addition to the Square Root Soda collection, which includes a core range of sodas, seasonal sodas, tonic waters, shandies and limited edition collaborations.

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