St James Bar launches new global-inspired cocktail menu

1st Step USA, Passport menu at St James Bar

St James Bar at London’s Sotitel St James hotel is preparing to launch ‘Passport’, a new cocktail menu inspired by flavours and cultures from around the world.

The menu, which officially launches on November 1, has been designed to resemble a real passport, with each cocktail displayed with a stamp of the country it is inspired by.

Some drinks on the menu will showcase unusual or indigenous spirits from the countries they represent while others aim to conjure nostalgic memories of unforgettable trips and life defining moments.

Drawing inspiration from the famous blossom season of Japan, Shodu infuses delicate Japanese tea flavours of black cherry, green tea and apricot to make a sweet syrup which is then combined with Japanese Roku Gin, lemon and egg white.

Another example from the list is 1st Step (pictured), which pays homage to one of America’s greatest feats – man’s legendary first steps on the moon. Notes of grapefruit, strawberry and orange Curacao offset Maker’s Mark rich Lunar Bourbon and are finished with a twist of black pepper and a puff of edible dark spray.

The new menu will feature QR bar codes alongside a description of the drink. Guests can use their phones to discover exactly how each cocktail is made through the use of a short video created by St James’ bartenders.

The drinks offering at St James Bar also includes Classic cocktails, Martinis and non-alcoholic sections. A selection of global whiskies, champagnes, wines and sixty varieties of gin adorn the menu, as well as a roster of speciality spirits displayed behind the lit-up bar.

A bar snacks pairing menu, created in collaboration with Anthony Demetre of Wild Honey St James, is also available, featuring small dishes designed to complement the flavours of the countries represented in ‘Passport’.

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