St Peter’s Brewery launches second alcohol-free beer

Without Gold bottle

Suffolk-based micro-brewery St Peter’s has launched a new hoppy, golden ale that is full of flavour but completely alcohol free.

It is building on the success of alcohol-free St Peter’s Without Original by creating Without Gold which has a full-bodied, slightly sweet malt flavour combined with a citrus bitterness.

Created by head brewer Steve Groves, it took almost a year to perfect the recipe. It is available now in 500ml bottles and on draught.

Steve Magnall, CEO at St Peter’s Brewery, said: “In Without Gold we have created a beer that will appeal to a nation of ale drinkers who love a good, full-bodied golden ale, as well as lager drinkers looking for a delicious alcohol-free beer.

“Without Original is different to anything else on the market. Aside from being the only zero-alcohol craft beer on the market, it’s also got more flavour and body than any other alcohol-free beer available. We expect Without Gold to be just as popular.

“Without Gold is completely different from other alcohol-free beers on the market, most of which are conventional lagers and often thin and watery.

“Instead, it is made in exactly the same way as a traditional beer, just without the alcohol, and consumers can expect a full-bodied pint, with a good head and delicious taste.

“We expect the alcohol-free drinks market to grow to 10% of the overall drinks category within the next 10 years. At St Peter’s, we want to be leading the way for high-quality, great-tasting zero-alcohol craft beers and, with two terrific products in our portfolio, we are well on the way to doing just that.”

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