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Cynthia Finke, Marketing Director PopWorks, Permissible and Future Brands UK, at PepsiCo, tells us how to score big with savoury snacking sales in 2024.


Snacking remains hugely popular in the UK, with savoury snacks now worth £4.16bn and growing at +13.8%. Premium single crisps are currently worth £31.97 million in the UK in the away from home channel and growing at 16%. Even though consumers are going out less, they are opting for premium experiences when they visit the on-trade. In the last four years, premium crisps have grown double the rate of the total savoury snacks category in pubs2. As the second biggest brand across the crisps, nuts and snacks segment in pubs and clubs, Pipers is well placed to provide consumers with these experiences and help drive sales in this growing channel. 


Pubs and bars see a real boost in sales around key holidays and sporting occasions, and with this comes an increased demand for snacks.


The upcoming summer of sport will boost traffic in the on-trade, with 87% of people more likely to stay at a venue longer when a match is being broadcast. Screening events like the UEFA Champions League encourage repeat visits and offer an opportunity for trade-up on both food and drink.  We believe it’s important to maximise this opportunity by offering premium snacking choices like Pipers for consumers who want a flavourful snack to accompany their drink during a game. Engaging with customers through merchandising and advertising in venue in the lead up to sporting occasions will also help with driving footfall.


While snacking is popular all year round, consumers look to the savoury snacks category during Easter and summer holidays when they can enjoy quality time with friends and family. Comfort is key when it comes to pub and bar food choices and stocking customers’ favourite flavours will heighten their enjoyment.


Pipers is the second biggest brand across the whole crisps, nuts and snacks segment in pubs and clubs, growing at +42% in 2023 – demonstrating that consumers are still looking to trade up to a premium snack option when socialising. 

Don’t take our word for it: Steve Agar, Managing Director at Stowford Pub Company said: “Savoury snacks are key in our establishments, especially in those which don’t offer hot food. We’ve tried a range of other brands but Pipers is one we continue to stock – our customers particularly love the Cheddar & Onion, Sea Salt and Longhorn Beef flavours. Our pub the Woolpack, previously used in Emmerdale, often attracts tourists and in some instances, we have sold up to 60 packets of Pipers in one hour!”

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