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Introducing the new Edinburgh Gin packaging, sure to delight customers with its bespoke and vibrant design.

Edinburgh Gin has unveiled its bespoke new packaging, designed to clearly communicate its premium gin credentials, improve shelf stand out, create clear differentiation between portfolio segments, and continue its commitment to its sustainability strategy.

Edinburgh Gin is pleased to continue investing in all segments across its portfolio and within the Gin category. Gin is the second largest contributor of sales to the trade, worth £2.25Bn per annum in the UK On and Off Trade*.

The Edinburgh Gin redesign is now being rolled out starting with London Drys, Flavoured and Seasonal products. As a top 10 Gin brand in the UK by value*, and as one of a few brands successfully selling across London Dry, full-strength flavours, Gin Liqueurs and RTD segments, the redesign clearly differentiates across Edinburgh Gin’s premium portfolio.

The brand is aiming to further enhance its ‘Filled with Wonder’ positioning with this striking new label design and new bespoke bottle. Consumers will notice gorgeous aesthetic updates, including graphics bespoke to each bottle, which have been designed to bring to life the gin flavours and botanicals Each illustration and ‘tale’, captures the story of each gin expression, with back label copy describing the taste in a ‘wonder-filled’ way, transporting consumers on a journey.

Across its Dry and Flavoured ranges, Edinburgh Gin is focussed on increased global recognition and recall, by replacing the existing ‘EG’ logo with the full brand name of ‘Edinburgh Gin’. The bespoke bottle features an embossed brand marque and importantly is made from 49% recycled glass, which supports the brand’s journey towards net zero.

New, bespoke and vibrant capsule designs, support overall standout on shelf. The newly redesigned labels feature details such as a cobbled street pattern to represent the iconic streets of Edinburgh, while the hand-drawn illustrations bring to life ‘Filled with Wonder’ inspired by the featured botanicals. Additionally, the new labels for Edinburgh Gin’s Flavoured range now feature imaginative, ingredient-based illustrations, to highlight the brand’s commitment to natural flavours. Each of the beautiful new label designs aim to inspire a reconnection with nature and celebrate each gin’s unique story.

The Edinburgh Gin Liqueur designs have also been revised and now feature a foiled coloured border and unique capsule for each flavour. Placed as the number one Gin Liqueur brand within the UK in both the On and Off Trade*,the new packaging has been designed to ensure both shelf stand out and to create a clear difference between each liqueur in the range, as well as the rest of the Edinburgh Gin portfolio.

Finally, in a new sustainability initiative for Edinburgh Gin, it will remove all secondary packaging across its core range and move to 49% recycled glass content across all formats, with a commitment to increase this as technology with glassmakers becomes available. Edinburgh Gin continues its sustainability journey with recyclable packaging such as the glass bottle, recyclable aluminium tin capsules, and fully recyclable FSC-certified paper labels, also containing recycled materials. The labels will also include a market-specific QR code which links to further recycling information following the redesign. [KC2]

Speaking on the redesign, Karen Crowley, Brand Director at Edinburgh Gin, said: “Edinburgh Gin has evolved from a local treasure to an internationally recognised global brand and so it made sense to take this next step in our brand identity evolution.  The new labels not only creatively reflect our vision of expertly distilled gins but are designed through the illustrations and language used on the packaging, to take drinkers on a ‘tale of wonder, told through taste’.  With such a rich product portfolio, the new designs help drive consumer clarity across the portfolio segments, as well as supporting our environmental impact goals. We’re really looking forward to seeing the new design on back-bars and shelves and hearing what our consumers and customers think.”

The newly redesigned Edinburgh Gin packaging will be in circulation from September.

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