Steampunk bolsters spirits range with Voodoo Spiced Rum

Steampunk Voodoo Spiced Rum

North-east spirits company Steampunk has added a new spiced craft rum to its artisan range.

Steampunk Voodoo Spiced Rum is a blend of Caribbean rums infused with vanilla, ginger and black pepper.

Steampunk position the spirit as a “modern twist on a classic spiced rum”, which is best enjoyed on its own or paired with a flavoured mixer such as Lixir Tonic’s cinnamon and blood orange variant.

Charlie Gibbs, manager director at Steampunk Ltd, said: “More and more people are seeking new and interesting taste experiences, and we’ve come up with something that offers an alternative and contemporary take on a classic drink.

“Our unique bottle design sets us aside from any other brand on the market – it tells a story – channelling the Voodoo mysteries of Baron Samedi, who dwells in the realm between life and death and is known for his fondness of rum and a goodtime! Yes, we’re a little out of the ordinary here at Steampunk.

“The launch also comes in response to the ever-growing ‘rum-a-lution’. There’s every indication rum will enjoy a craft renaissance in the way gin has in recent times.”

Named to capture its “mischievous Victorian roots”, Steampunk already boasts a range of premium and botanical flavoured gins including Prudence’ Rose Petal Gin and Florence’ Parma Violet Gin.

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