Steelite adds new craft beer glasses to Spiegelau collection

British tableware manufacturer Steelite International has added two new craft beer glasses to its Spiegelau collection, with the glasses designed to create a more enjoyable experience for beer drinkers.

The specialist IPA and stout glasses are made of fine crystal and are elegantly designed for restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs to provide a premium beer offering.

Designed by a team of leading US brewers, the shape of the glass draws the aromas of the beer and helps preserve the frothy head and liveliness of the beer which means the beer stays cool until the last sip.

Heather Lovatt, marketing director at Steelite International, said: “These additions to the range reflect the growing trend for premium beers. Many mass-produced beer glasses can ruin the customer’s experience, as the thick glass causes the beer to warm up too quickly and go flat. These beer glasses act in the opposite way and keep the beer fresh to the last drop.”

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