Stella Artois is helping to end the global water crisis

Stella Artois is once again partnering with to help bring clean water to 3.5 million people in the developing world by 2020.

The brand has launched its annual Buy a Lady a Drink (BALAD) campaign which features new increased trade activity focused around limited-edition bottle packs, enabling consumers to be part of the generation that helps put an end to the global water crisis.

In the on-trade, consumers can purchase a limited-edition 330ml bottle featuring artwork created by three influential global artists – Lisa Mam from Cambodia, Fernando Chamerelli from Brazil and Eria Nsubuga from Uganda – countries the BALAD campaign supports. Each design reflects the artist’s interpretation of the water access issue in their country and for every bottle purchased, one month of clean water will be provided for a person in the developing world.

Stella Artois will also provide digital assets for bars and pubs to use on their social channels to help drive awareness of the crisis among their consumers.

Jess Markowski, head of trade marketing said: “Not only is water essential to the beer we brew, it is also essential to the lives we live, and currently there are 663 million people in the developing world without sufficient access.

“Through our partnership with, we are leveraging the reach of our global brand footprint to raise awareness and are inviting consumers and our customers to join us in our mission to end the global water crisis.

“This year’s campaign has grown, both with wider market participation and new consumer touch points, to help make it easier for our customers and their consumers to leave their mark and make an impactful contribution.”

To learn more about the campaign, visit

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