Still In Cask, a brand new global platform, is set to revolutionise the way whisk(e)y & cask aged spirits can be sold to the consumer.

Still In Cask

Still In Cask is a brand-new global platform that, for the first time, will give consumers around the globe the opportunity to buy shares in a cask of spirit directly from a distillery, from as little as £20.00 a Cask Share.  The innovative business has been developed to democratise the ownership of cask spirits and assure consumer ownership using a public blockchain.   

The brainchild behind the Still In Cask model is Liam Hirt. He founded Psychopomp Microdistillery and Circumstance Distillery and was the architect of the first whisky offering using blockchain technology. Working with Liam are his three co-founders, Zak Hirt*, Danny Walker* and Illy Jaffar*. 

Hirt commented “Cask ownership is usually reserved for those that can afford an entire cask or those that can form a syndicate of like-minded individuals, meaning many enthusiasts are therefore excluded. Cask purchases are historically complex and investment focused making it even harder to get involved” He continues “Whisk(e)y and cask aged spirits are continuing to enjoy global growth, from everyday drinking to collectables. The consumer profile is getting younger, and they are no longer perceived as a male preserve.  

Still In Cask democratises the ownership of cask spirits for both consumers and distilleries and brings the service to life with immersive brand experiences in the digital and real world.” Kicking off this innovative start-up, which will go live to the public on 24th May 2021, are the following progressive distillers: NcNean, Circumstance Distillery, Cotswolds Distillery, Mackmyra and Connacht Distillery.  

Co-Founder Illy Jaffar commented “Still In Cask is about building a community for both spirit enthusiasts and spirit producers. It’s exciting because we are changing the rhetoric and consumers can effectively become involved in a brand during the ageing process as opposed to when completed. We know consumers want to get closer to brands they buy so Still In Cask is a great way to facilitate this.” “Distilleries can engage with their customers in a completely new way. We want to create a community of whisky and cask aged spirits fans where they discover and share innovative and progressive distilleries, a place where consumers can build a portfolio of Cask Shares from different quality producers and indeed categories.” Concluded Jaffar. 

Still In Cask is an online platform for mobile or desktop. Still In Cask offers a free service to customers, but they also have the opportunity to join the Still In Cask Reserve Club. The free service allows customers to buy Cask Shares and receive regular updates on their casks. The Reserve Club, a subscription service launching later in the summer, will give members priority access to all new cask listings for £5 a month. 

The reserve club also gives a number of other member perks including: meet the distiller tastings and events, discussion forums and a newsletter. 

Once a cask has been bought, Still In Cask will provide key updates at each stage of the maturation process. Hirt concludes “Still in Cask is about being open, unpretentious, and warm, and it embodies the generous hospitality that are trademarks of Cask spirits.”For any distillers interested in finding out more information please contact Liam Hirt

Consumers can register their interest via the website 

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