STK Ibiza

As the true portrait of paradise on the Spanish Balearic island of Ibiza, the modern, chic steakhouse brand STK brings world-class cuisine to the luxurious destination.

Since its launch in July 2016, STK Ibiza has established itself as the landmark venue and lives up to its reputation as a fashionable and entertaining playground for jetsetters, celebrities, VIPs and guests. STK Ibiza brings fine dining, design, music and entertainment together.

STK Ibiza has set itself to be the most talked about, luxurious restaurant and lounge bar, and become a firm favourite in Ibiza’s dining scene, evidenced by the eclectic crowd that enhances the
restaurant’s cosmopolitan feel.

Charlie Weaving, Partner at STK Ibiza, sat down with Bar Magazine to share all…

What was the inspiration behind STK’s bar concept in Ibiza?

The bar concept at STK Ibiza is about cutting-edge theatre combined with flavours and wow factors; giant drinks for group sharing to enhance the food and entertainment experience.

 How would you describe your experience in expanding the business, and how did you get there? 

It’s about never dropping the standard. As much as it can hurt when you first open a restaurant and bar, especially a seasonal venue, you must keep the highest standard of quality, product and service. We choose quality over quantity with our bartenders. Three bartenders and two bar backs should be able to churn out 300 unique, first-class cocktails per night together with bottle service and other drinks.

Tell us a little bit about your F&B offering at the bar, and the creative choices behind it…

We provide a full STK à la carte menu at the bar in Ibiza with outstanding food and incredible beverages to complement it. Some people prefer just to sit at the bar and have some oysters or seafood platters with Champagne, and others opt for signature cuts of steak and craft beer. We ensure that we can cater to all guests, whether it be those looking for a small, light bite or a luxury dining experience. 

 What are your goals, short and long-term? 

We aim to keep growing, year on year. We have had the same team for 8 seasons now, and they just get better and better and more involved in the experience themselves, coming up with unique, world-class offerings season after season. This consistency means that all of our staff represent our brand and work towards our culture which helps our business grow. 

 What advice would you give to UK operators looking to be successful in our industry? 

The UK is a hard market currently, with high energy and cost of living prices, labour and product costs all being extremely high. However, our advice is to keep it simple but quality, and manage your costs with an iron rod. It’s essential to take care of great team members, support them, retain them and make sure you are always ready for some rough periods. Keep an eye on cash flow management but never lower your standards.

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