Stokes responds to consumer trends with larger sachets for sauces

Stokes sauces

Larger sachets for sauces have been launched by Stokes Sauces because of their growing importance when people eat out in pubs, bars and restaurants.

Instead of the standard 10g sachets, the company is offering eight sauces in portions of 32g to 40g for foodservice operators.

The “generous but sensible” portions are in response to the trend for consumers to seek sauces to adjust dishes to suit their personal taste. Over the past year, volume sales of sauces and condiments have risen by 3.4%, according to research group Kantar.

Stokes’ new sachets are available in eye-catching packaging in a variety of colourways and feature eight of its most popular sauces and condiments: Tomato Ketchup, Bloody Mary Ketchup, Real Mayonnaise, Brown Sauce, Classic English Mustard, Original Barbecue, Tartare Sauce, and Cider & Horseradish Wholegrain Mustard.

Rick Sheepshanks, managing director of Stokes Sauces, said: “Our bottles of Stokes ketchup and other condiments are popular with foodservice outlets, but we spotted a gap in the offering between the good-quality sauce in bottles and the uninspiring-looking little sachets.

“Whenever I am offered sauce in a pub or fish and chip shop invariably it is the same selection of dull little sachets, so I grab a few knowing I will want more than one. One day this led me to wonder why no one is making tasty sauce in sachets that are big enough to actually give you a sufficient portion, and out of this thought our new ‘generous but sensible’ range was born.

“Our new ‘generous but sensible’ sachets provide consumers with top-quality sauces made with real ingredients in a size which means they are not left wanting more.

“Our sachets are made at our ‘Stokes Saucery’ in the heart of rural Suffolk, and all with real food ingredients. For example 100g of our ketchup contains 200g of premium tomatoes. For some people tomatoes are tomatoes, but not for us. Ours have been sourced exclusively in Italy from the finest vines.”

The sachets are available across a number of distributors with a recommended retail price of 20p to 25p or free at high-end outlets.

Stokes Sauces was founded by Rick in 2004 when he was looking for a real food sauce that would encourage his daughter to eat more vegetables.

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