Strangeways rolls out two CBD-infused gins

Strangeways CBD-infused gin

Manchester-based distillery Strangeways Beers and Spirits has developed two new CBD-infused gins – Hazy Dry and Hazy Strawberry Gin – distributed to the on-trade exclusively through Hammonds of Knutsford.

Bottled at 40% ABV, the two gins are infused with CBD from authorised and regulated suppliers in the UK.

The first liquid, Hazy Dry Gin “blends spiced notes such as cinnamon, coriander and ginger with the balance and depth of fresh orange, lemon and grapefruit peel”, while Hazy Strawberry Gin, described as a perfect summer tipple, features citrus peel, English strawberries.

Strangeways founder Paul Hesketh said: “Bars, pubs and restaurants really are the focus for me with the brand.

“The whole idea for the Strangeways Beers and Spirits business was thought up in a pub. When local news of the closure of the Boddingtons Brewery broke, we were chatting about it in our local wine bar.

“My friends and I thought it was a travesty – it was such a Manchester institution. We said we should all group together, buy it and set up our own brewery and decided on the name and strapline ‘Strangeways beers – only served behind bars’ then and there.

“Obviously that didn’t happen, but what started out as a bit of a fun chat over a glass of wine has now, years later, ended up as my latest business.”

Paul added: “The gin revolution isn’t slowing anytime soon and, for many customers, having their gin cocktail infused with CBD is exciting and adds a little more spice to their night than a wedge of lemon or stuffed olive.

“CBD is known to promote feelings of calmness and self-confidence, and with the boom in gin sales we thought there was no better partner for it.”

Strangeways CBD-infused gin

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