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Introducing PepperHQ, the all-in-one hospitality platform which streamlines bar operations. Adam Montgomery, Chief Revenue Officer at PepperHQ, tell us more about the brand and the digital solutions they offer to hospitality venues.  

Please introduce PepperHQ to our readers.

Pepper’s unified platform boosts revenue, enhances operations and elevates the customer experience. Pepper is the leading provider of customer and staff technology for hospitality. We offer a comprehensive suite of digital solutions tailored for restaurants, pubs, bars, coffee and QSR businesses. 

Built for hospitality, from the people who know it best, we understand how great service happens, and we’ve created the best technology for it.

How can PepperHQ revolutionise pubs and bars?

Pepper’s pub and bar clients include the likes of Youngs Pubs, Peach Pubs, Revolution Bars, Laine Pubs, Inception Group, Castle Rock Brewery, Bed & Bars, Head Of Steam, Ideal Collection, and many more. We’ve worked closely with these fantastic UK brands over many years, and in that time they have helped us to refine our technology for both customers and staff. 

Our broad Product Suite is fully integrated with the wider Hospitality Tech Ecosystem, and it includes: 


Pepper’s flexible loyalty schemes help to drive incremental spend and brand loyalty, with over 4 million awards redeemed per year. Our platform offers a diverse range of loyalty options, including stamp cards, points and ad-hoc perks, allowing businesses to tailor rewards to suit specific audiences.Customers can effortlessly track progress, redeem rewards, and engage with promotions through a few simple taps. No more hassle with physical cards.


Our latest product, Quickpad is the all-in-one device for ordering, payments and loyalty. Quickpad replaces both handheld ordering solutions and payment terminals with a more cost effective and streamlined solution. It’s everything your staff need, right in their pocket. 

The fastest way for staff to take orders – Team members can send orders to the bar and kitchen without ever leaving the floor. Quickpad eliminates the need to run back and forth to the POS, fits in a pocket and requires zero training.

Speedy, easy and secure payments – Staff no longer need to return to the POS to pick up a PDQ before taking payment. Quickpad opens the table’s bill and allows for easy splitting – whether dividing the bill between customers or by items.

Scan for loyalty and capture powerful data – Quickpad is fully integrated to Pepper loyalty. Staff can use Quickpad to scan a customer’s app and redeem available rewards. Tokenised payment data, order insights and Pepper’s CRM combine for powerful data insights.


Our mobile and web platform offers a unique approach to ordering and payments. Handling millions ‘order to table’ and ‘order ahead’ transactions yearly, the app typically yields an 11% increase in spending. Customers can enjoy the convenience of settling bills, splitting bills and tipping from the comfort of their tables.


Our solutions generate rich actionable data – empowering better marketing. Data gathered via the app enables pubs and bars to understand customer behaviour and identify industry trends. Leveraging this data allows for highly personalised marketing strategies. Perks, push notifications and marketing modules can be tailored to different groups, helping to create bespoke experiences that cater to individual tastes.

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