Street food trend inspires new Mexican-style empanadas

funnybones foodservice la mexicana Cream Corn Empanadas

Inspired by the ever-growing popularity of street food, Funnybones Foodservice has introduced new La Mexicana Empanadas for bars and pubs to bring South American flavour to their menus.

The versatile stuffed mini pastry parcels can be used as starter, as part of a sharing platter, tapas menu, or even as a take-away snack.

There are three fillings including Creamy Corn which are Mexican-style creamy sweetcorn kernels, lightly spiced in a crisp pastry case. They are suitable for vegetarians and for people who do not like the spiciness of some South American food.

For those looking for something with a little kick, the Spiced Beef empanada delivers a warming chilli heat and is filled with smoky tender minced beef, tomatoes and kidney beans. The Habanero Chicken boasts a mix of chicken breast, rice, peppers and chipotle chilli.

Frozen for convenience and available in 2 x 1kg packs, with about 40 empanadas per 1kg bag, the empanadas can be oven-baked in as little as 10 to 12 minutes.

They can be paired with La Mexicana’s Picante Salsa (available in 6 x 3kg tins), the Salsa Verde (available in 6 x 2.8kg tins), or served alongside creamy Premium Guacamole (available in 12 x 500g tubs).

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