Strongbow highlights heritage with new glassware


Heineken UK has introduced a new pint glass for draught cider Strongbow which, for the first time, includes information about the brand’s heritage and provenance.

The pint glass includes the phrase “made in Hereford”, highlighting the Herefordshire farmers who grow and press one billion cider apples a year to make Strongbow.

It has been introduced alongside the brand’s new BitterSweet TV ad which also highlights the role of Herefordshire’s farmers and apples.

The glass, which is lightweight, streamlined and made of toughened glass, has been specifically designed to improve the Strongbow drinking experience and drive rate of sale and trial for licensees.

It is part of a move by Heineken UK to raise the quality perceptions of the brand among both new and current drinkers.

Andrew Turner, on-trade category and trade marketing director at Heineken, said: “As the champion of the cider category, it is important for us to constantly surprise our consumers and continue to differentiate Strongbow, particularly with the influx of many new bottled cider brands.

“This new glassware is designed to remind consumers that draught is the best and most credible way to enjoy cider. Pre-launch testing showed that two-thirds of non-Strongbow drinkers would retry the brand as a result of the new glass, prompting repeat purchase from new consumers and, as a result, introducing new drinkers into the classic cider category.

“Existing drinkers were also consistently positive about the new glass and both groups indicated that Strongbow seemed to taste better from the new glass.

“Another factor was ensuring that the new glassware would work across a range of flavours, and testing revealed that over 75% of consumers preferred the look of Strongbow Dark Fruit in the new glass.”

The new Strongbow glasses, available now, will be backed by extensive marketing support. Licensees will be provided with quality and hygiene information to train staff on service with and care of the new glassware.

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