Strykk and Whitbread partner with new non-alcoholic cocktail offering

 UK’s leading hospitality business, Whitbread is partnering with Strykk, the pioneering non-alcoholic spirits brand, to introduce alcohol-free cocktails to its customers nationwide.

From late September, Strykk cocktails will be listed on the menu in 193 sites across its two steakhouse brands, Beefeater and Bar + Block. Whitbread is the first national on-trade account to introduce Strykk cocktails and is listing three serves, including Not Vanilla Vodka Pornstar, Not Vanilla Vodka Espresso Martini and Not Rum Strawberry Daiquiri within the Remove the Alcohol section.

Whitbread is tapping into the increasing demand for no-compromise options within non-alcoholic drinks across its customer base, including designated drivers, travelling business people and pre-dinner and dinner drinkers.

“Our customers’ lifestyle choices are evolving fast,” says Whitbread’s Head of Food & Beverage Development, Chris Seaby. “People are becoming more discerning when it comes to what drinks they are choosing and want us to provide an engaging non-alcoholic portfolio of serves which meets their needs and allows them the choice to enjoy their drinking experience minus the alcohol.”

“We are delighted to partner Whitbread,” says Strykk’s co-founder and CEO Alex Carlton. “This is a credit to the quality of Strykk serves. We make non-alcoholic spirits accessible to all and are the best value independent brand on the market. We are determined to democratise the category and this new listing allows consumers to moderate alcohol consumption and enjoy a better lifestyle balance. Consumers want to maintain ritual and taste and are looking for brands that resonate, such as Strykk which has all the spirit, none of the alcohol.”

Distilled and bottled in the UK, Strykk’s core range is Not Gin, Not Rum, Not Vodka and Not Vanilla Vodka. In April the newest addition, a non-alcoholic liqueur, Not Aperitivo was added to the portfolio. FUNKIN COCKTAILS is Strykk’s exclusive UK distributor and cocktail partner.

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