Stryyk creates ‘no and low’ menu hack for bars

Stryyk menu hack tool

Non-alcoholic spirits brand Stryyk has created a new menu hack tool to help operators capitalise on the demand for low and no-alcohol serves.

The new campaign, and Stryyk’s overall mission, is to help the on-trade take measures to maximise the opportunity non-alcoholic spirits presents by “optimising menus and encouraging consumers to trade up from low-margin soft drinks and unfashionable mocktails”.

By simply placing the Stryyk asterisk device next to vodka, rum or gin serves and swapping the alcohol with Not Vodka, Not Rum or Not Gin, outlets can denote a non-alcoholic version and drop their entire mocktails section.

The Stryyk range

Alex Carlton, founder of Stryyk, said: “The demand for low and no-alcohol is gathering pace exponentially and it is time for the on-trade to sit up and take action by offering consumers a choice that extends beyond soft drinks and mocktails.

“Our products are category-aligned, plug and play, designed to act exactly like their alcoholic counterparts. You can Stryyk all the cocktails your consumers already love with no specialist training required.

“The trade needs to embrace Dry January and changing social trends, and maximise the incremental profit opportunity that the ‘low and no’ sector offers.

“Our free menu hack tool adds a new dimension to menus, freeing up space using icons in the same way as V for Vegetarian or GF for Gluten Free, which are readily understood by consumers.”

Stryyk’s menu hack is available to UK operators free of charge from 1 October.

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