Success for blends of whiskies from Scotland and India

E&K whisky

Fusion Whisky is planning more blends made with liquid from distilleries in Scotland and India after the success of its first two releases.

It has quickly sold out of the 825-bottle batch of its second limited edition, The E&K, made from a blend of scotch from Ardmore and Glenrothes distilleries and malt whisky from Amrut Distillery in Bangalore, India.

The recipe was created by Alex Bruce, master blender and managing director of Adelphi Distillery in Fife, to celebrate the historic ties between India and Scotland and honour his great-grandfather Victor Bruce, viceroy and governor general of India from 1894 to 1899, who helped modernise India’s railways.

The blend was a follow-up to the release in 2016 of The Kincardine whisky, which used scotch from Macallan and Glen Elgin distilleries blended with Amrut whisky.

Alex said: “When you marry mature scotch with whisky matured in a different climate you can create some exciting and extremely rewarding flavours, adding new layers of complexity and depth.

“The Amrut brings tropical fruits and spice, the Ardmore creaminess and sooty smoke, and the Glenrothes adds a sherry-matured richness and texture to complete the balance.

“We’re very excited about the releases that will follow up The E&K, and think whisky consumers will be too.”

Edinburgh-based Fusion Whisky previously developed The Glover series of whiskies, which were a blend of scotch and rare Japanese whisky from the legendary Hanyu distillery.

Jim Millar, a director of Fusion Whisky and who drove the Glover concept, said: “The Glover whisky pioneered the concept of using blends of world whisky to celebrate the great internationalism of Scots and the positive historic ties between Scotland and so many countries around the globe.

“The success of The Glover and The Kincardine, and the incredible demand for The E&K shows that there is strong thirst for this type of innovative whisky, which both tastes stunning and tells the story of some remarkable Scots.

“Scotland’s distilling expertise and heritage is world renowned, and rightly so. We’re able to pair these exceptional Scottish whiskies with younger drams from other countries, which have a different production style and different climate or terroir. By blending them, we are creating something utterly unique and utterly brilliant.”

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