Successful staff

Whatever their role, staff are the driving force of any venue, which means it is essential they are given all the tools to help them reach their full potential. UKBG’s Claudia Carrozzi provides five invaluable tips on how you can get the most from your venue’s workforce.


Join the UKBG and take advantage of the wealth of training, online materials and events to engage your teams, and show them how valuable and satisfying a job in our industry can be. We are currently working with the beneficiaries of the Mediterranean Aperitivo Programme (MAP) on a programme of activities aimed at raising awareness of European quality products, and the Mediterranean ritual of aperitivo with British bartenders and consumers. The campaign will kick off with a number of masterclasses hosted by an aperitivo expert, followed by an entire week of activities for Mediterranean Aperitivo Week, due to take place between 23rd and 29th October.


Talk to your team, and listen. Staff engagement is vital to understanding your workforce, their goals and the challenges they face. If you want them to develop with you, understand what they want to achieve professionally and personally and help them get there. They will also tell you where the opportunities are, as they are at the coalface – talking to customers, engaging with brands – and they know what’s popular. They are often on social media and see what’s trending ahead of everyone else too. This will help keep you current and show them you value their hard work.


Encourage your teams to challenge themselves. Competitions have long been an important part of the bartending world. They bring the industry together and showcase the best of what we do. They are an opportunity for sharing and learning, and the coming together of some of our best talent; they are not just about bragging rights. Giving your talent the time and space to develop their own styles and knowledge will make them happier and can’t fail to strengthen your venue. We host the annual National Cocktail Competition to shine a light on the best talent within our membership.


Pay your staff well, the National Living Wage as a minimum. Also, provide a manageable shift pattern and ensure they take time off to rest and recuperate. Late nights and weekends takes their toll on everyone, and it is essential staff are well rested!


Get your staff help when they need it. We partner with the Drinks Trust , who deliver some fantastic programmes under the banners of Assist, Restore and Develop. They provide financial support to those that need it, mental health and wellness support, as well as education and training.

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