Super Premium Coffee Liqueur Range Launches in UK

CAFÉ SOLO announces the launch of its debut expression, CAFÉ SOLO ORIGINAL – the first in a range of full-bodied super premium cold brew coffee liqueurs made in the UK. The team at CAFÉ SOLO will also create a selection of cask-finished coffee liqueurs, which offer interest and complexity for mixologists making cocktails in bars and at home. 

CAFÉ SOLO is made with espresso-strength coffee from specialty cold brew coffee makers SOLO Coffee and premium British Vodka. The coffee used is a blend of freshly ground, sustainably sourced Brazilian and Colombian beans. CAFÉ SOLO Original has an ABV of 25%.

CAFÉ SOLO Original Tasting Notes:

Bold and rich, dark fruit acidity, chocolate, and vanilla notes with a long and sweet aftertaste.

CAFÉ SOLO Brand Manager, Holly Harwood comments: 

“There continues to be phenomenal popularity for coffee-based cocktails, such as the Espresso Martini. We recognised the need for a premium coffee liqueur when speaking to bartenders across the UK. Many simply felt that the coffee liqueurs on offer were far too sweet or were not exciting enough. CAFÉ SOLO Original is the perfect sipping liqueur or base for your favourite coffee cocktail.”

Signature Serves:

CAFÉ SOLO Espresso Martini

40ml CAFÉ SOLO Original Coffee Liqueur | 40ml Espresso Coffee | 40ml Premium Vodka

Add ice to a cocktail shaker and shake up the perfect Espresso Martini. Strain and pour into a coupe glass, decorate with a trio of coffee beans.


10ml CAFÉ SOLO Original Coffee Liqueur | 30ml London Dry Gin | 20ml Campari | 20ml Sweet Vermouth 

Add the ingredients into an ice filled glass and stir.

CAFÉ SOLO Mini Irish Coffee

CAFÉ SOLO Original Coffee Liqueur | 40ml Double Cream | 10ml Irish Cream

Fill two shot glasses with 2/3 CAFÉ SOLO Original. Add double cream and Irish Cream into a cocktail shaker – shake without ice. Take the shaker lid and strainer off, slowly pour the double cream on top of the CAFÉ SOLO Original shots using the back of a spoon.

CAFÉ SOLO Original Coffee Liqueur RRP: From £30 for a 70cl bottle. ABV: 25%. Available from Amazon. Coming soon to Master of Malt.

For more information on CAFÉ SOLO please visit and @CafeSoloLiqueur Instagram

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