Superior Comfort And Safety With First Mats’ RingStep Bar Floor

First Mats launch a new flooring, ideal for pubs and bars thanks to its array of innovative features. 

Hospitality roles can be hard on the body. As bar, club and hospitality staff are often on their feet for their whole shift; it can cause aches and pains and put pressure on joints and muscles. However, with RingStep matting from First Mats, bars and pubs can alleviate this pain with comfort and cushioning while still being highly practical and incredibly safe for use behind a busy bar. 

What Is RingStep Flooring From First Mats?

RingStep Rubber Mats are a new, highly functional floor matting product designed for use behind bars. Made from high-quality rubber, it offers superior cushioning and comfort for staff who spend much of their shift on their feet. What’s more, its unique construction allows any spilt liquid to safely drain away; ideal for busy bars and clubs.  

The RingStep matting works to rapidly draw liquid away thanks to its ring patterned, honeycomb-style design. Furthermore, the thick, high-quality rubber construction also helps to reduce the number of glass breakages too. Thus, helping to limit the high costs of breakages and wastage as well as reducing time spent clearing up broken glass and liquids.

“We’re excited to introduce RingStep to our rapidly expanding range of industrial, commercial and professional matting solutions. This carefully crafted matting is ideal behind busy bars thanks to its innovative cushioning, drainage system and anti-slip properties. It is incredibly thick and highly comfortable, helping to reduce fatigue and provide a long-lasting flooring solution.” – Richard O’Connor, Director of First Mats

Another benefit of RingStep matting is that you can use individual mats or use connector pieces to ensure full coverage for the whole bar, making them suitable for bar areas of all sizes. The individual mats are 1m x 1.5m and have a thickness of 19mm. 

The thick rubber cushioning of the mats work to reduce fatigue and increase comfort for users. The cushioning and support and thickness of the matting is supremely comfortable underfoot easing the pressure in joints and muscles. 

The RingStep mats are fire tested to DIN 51960 Class 1 and are flame retardant. First Mats also offers an optional safety border to further improve the safety of your bar. 

To see the quality of the construction and comfort for yourself, See the RingStep Rubber Bar Mats on the First Mats website.

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