Supplier creates digital guide to developing cheese

bidvest 3663 cheese

A new digital guide to cheese has been created by leading foodservice provider Bidvest 3663 to help bars and pubs develop new ideas for sales.

It provides information about cheese varieties, tempting accompaniments, which wines to pair with cheese and how to widen the appeal of cheese boards by positioning them as sharing platters.

Available as a digital PDF from the Bidvest 3663 website, it brings together the supplier’s full range of cheeses in one place. It will be used by its own sales team to deliver a more personalised service.

The comprehensive guide provides customers with information on 190 cheese products that have been carefully selected to suit a wide range of customer needs and price points.

It includes regional specialities from Great Britain and Europe, such as Cornish Yarg, Irish Cashel Blue and Austrian smoked cheese. There is also a convenience range comprising grated, sliced and individually portioned cheese including Monterey Jack slices and grated Mozzarella.

Others available include salad and cooking varieties such as Mevgal Greek feta wedge and Alambra halloumi cheese.

There is information about cheese types and production processes to help operators and their teams to become more knowledgeable about the cheese they sell.

In response to the trend for sharing platters, the guide highlights the potential of cheese boards. It offers advice on how to create enticing cheese boards that are ideal for sharing as snacks or small meals.

It also presents a selection of accompaniments such as tangy Arran Tomato Relish and sweet Tracklements plum chutney, as well as fruit, bread, crackers and nuts.

Graeme McKenzie, head of offer development at Bidvest 3663, said: “Cheese is a diverse and versatile category that holds masses of menu potential for our customers. That’s why we have brought all product information and expert knowledge together in one user-friendly reference guide to help them make the most of the opportunities.

“Demand for adventurous flavours has influenced many foodservice categories, not least cheese. Although British cheese varieties remain popular, consumer research indicates that UK cheese eaters like trying varieties from other countries.

“As such our range has been designed with British regional specialities complemented by an assortment of continental cheeses from France, Italy, Greece, Austria and Denmark to satisfy hunger for new flavours and eating formats.

“Additionally, this range will highlight Bidvest 3663’s fine food credentials, enabling it to tap into the speciality food market.

“At the same time, we have seen the growth of trends for all-day and casual dining. Cheeseboards are not only the fifth most popular dessert seen on UK menus, but well-chosen cheese boards with a variety of flavours, colours and textures are versatile enough to work as sharing platters too, widening the eating occasions for cheese.

“Bidvest 3663’s range of pre-packed cheese boards – available in artisan, British regional and continental varieties – provide a convenient way for customers to capitalise on these trends, while the helpful advice about different cheese types can provide our customers with the confidence to put their own twist on this menu favourite.”

The guide also presents market insights and statistics to help customers and Bidvest 3663’s sales team make informed product choices.

Graeme added: “Cheese is a key category for any foodservice provider as it has so many applications, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our customers to make best use of it on their menus.”

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